Experiences from Alumni

Me and Daniel Masetla went to the UK through the IGRISE programme on the 26th of June 2007 for a 20-day stay with Mr and Mrs Mowlam, who kindly gave up their time to host us in their home in Putney, London. Through them we met a lot of people, got to know the history of London as well as accomodate time to have fun.

Apart of our experience was getting the opportunity to meet other important people in our fields of interest. We went to see Mr Thompson, who was in charge of the NUTTALL construction project, as well as Mr Stovell, who is the Devolpment Director for the Mott McDonald engineering firm. Apart from all of this, we were also able to enter the British House of Commons and House of Lords, which truly amplified the importance of our visit in the UK.
We even had lunch with Lady Baker, who is part of an organization called SchoolAid, in Middle Temple Hall, and watched the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. And we even visited Westminister Abbey, watched Othello live. We went to the Natural History and Science Museum, and even had the experience of going to The Tate Modern. A truly powerful moment was climbing up the stairs of St Paul’s Cathedral, from which we got to see a beautiful view of London. And a ride on the London Eye was a cherry on top.

Apart from many things, the experience of preparing ourselves for the workplace was taken, as well as manners in formal address. We got to learn and appreciate the importance of history, and to see that London was a place which had pride in its history. It was a truly remarkable experience for both me and Daniel, and to this day, its effect has not worn off one bit.

Michael Komane