Welcome All

Welcome All

To the IGRISE email group. Some have been members for years and some are new. To all though I am the gate keeper(logistics). If any information about you is incorrect please email me. This will allow us to always have the most recent and correct information about you.

Some House Work First:

  1. The email group website is: http://groups.google.com/group/igrise
  2. If you want to send email to everyone in the group send to: IGRISE@googlegroups.com
  3. The official IGRISE website is at http://www.igrise.vima.co.za
  4. The development website is at http://www.vima.co.za/blog (as soon as it is finished the website will then be the official one)

Alumni List

I am again trying to get all the beings and doings of all alumni including where you mainly reside. So for example for me it would be Vukosi Marivate, Student(4th), Information Engineering, Wits University, Johannesburg, (and any other information you would like to add). This helps the alumni know each other and who to turn to for advice on certain subjects that you might be better equiped. Thus it would be greatly appreciated if you emailed vima@vima.co.za. This will change in the future as the website is finished.

Alumni Pictures

As disscussed earlier this year it would be great for alumni to send recent pictures of themselves for the new website. So if you have a pic please send. You be the director. You just send something you would be happy with!

Hope that was not too long. A few more alumni will be added in the next week as their information is fished out from some applications!

or b4 i forget pls FACEBOOK! www.facebook.com

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